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The AIGWT: Stupid Name, Smart Writing Guide

Business / Government / Education
Leigh Bryant
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No matter your job title, writing compelling content has become an almost inescapable part of modern working life. And whether you’re motivated by a core belief in open-source idea sharing or by a desire to build your personal brand, the ability to turn your ideas into consumable (and shareable!) content is increasingly important.

That being said, not everyone feels comfortable putting their ideas into words. Enter: The AIGWT. This terribly named but very useful framework can help take you from an idea to a full outline, and set you up to write content with (relative) ease.

In this presentation, we’ll go through the process of writing, from idea through to full-fledged article. But we won’t just talk the talk, we’ll walk the walk with a quick, non-terrifying writing exercise to help get your first piece off the ground!