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The Web's Wayward Sisters: Security, Accessibility & Performance

Backend & Dev-ops
Mike Gifford
Audience Experience Level
Drupal Intermediate

Almost every project stumbles on these issues, but most people don’t see what these problems have in common.

One of the main things that security, accessibility & performance have in common is that they are left to the last minute and are common stumbling blocks for a successful launch.

There are a number of common ways that developers can set up better practices to ensure that our projects do not go wayward.

Ultimately, all require constant vigilance and earlier attention in project development. When these represent just 3 points in an RFP, what practices can we adopt to make this easier and more understandable?

By attending this presentation you’ll get some fresh insights as to why security, accessibility and performance work needs to happen early & often.

Mike is a Drupal 8 Core Accessibility Maintainer & author of the Drupal Security Best Practices - A Practical Guide.