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Case Study: the all new

Design & Front-end
Crispin Bailey
Audience Experience Level

The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) recently underwent a major shift in strategic direction, and by coincidence, it was also time to revamp their website. They had a capable in-house dev team, but needed help with content strategy, UX, and front-end design. This talk will cover the process we went through to overhaul the site's messaging, content architecture, and visual design, culminating in a fully-responsive HTML prototype and Style Guide that was used to implement a brand new, fully-accessible, Drupal 8 website. 

Takeaways from this talk:

How to design for accessibility; 
How to design a website for an org undergoing change;
How to collaborate with a remote team including people who are blind or have low vision; 
How to redesign a website that another team will implement.