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Drupal SaaS: Building software as a service on Drupal

Business / Government / Education
Colan Schwartz (colan)
Audience Experience Level

Are you (considering) building a SaaS product on Drupal or running a Drupal hosting company?  Have you done it already?  Come share your experiences and learn from others.

Among other things, we'll be discussing:

  • Project vs. product business
  • Installation profiles / distributions
  • Customer service (e.g. GitLab's Service Desk)
  • Hosting architecture (Drupal hosting companies vs. Aegir)
  • Infrastructure (IaaS hosting providers: OpenStack vs. AWS, GCS, Azure, etc.)
  • E-commerce, recurring billing and subscription provider integration
  • Resource quotas
  • Site admin access permissions for clients

...and any other related topics that come up.