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Keep Living the Dream! How to work remotely AND foster a happy, balanced life.

Business / Government / Education
Anne Stefanyk
Audience Experience Level

Virtual. Remote. Distributed. Pick your label. This style of organization is becoming wildly more in demand and popular among many Drupal shops and while many folks have gone remote, some people find the experience quite isolating and disconnected.

Does remote work make people happier? Does it make them more productive? The answer is not really. It is not just the act of working from home that creates employee happiness. It is creating a culture that fosters remote practices to creates meaning, collaboration, and happiness.

Building and sustaining a strong relationship requires a unique approach and making use of a variety of tools to create the right work culture. Success of a remote team also depends on management and how the team supported and the systems you need to put in place. 

In this session, we will talk about how to both be the best remote employee. The session will also provide tactics and ideas if you are a leader of a remote team. We will talk about key tactics to keep you (and all other staff) inspired, creative, productive and most importantly, happy!

What we will cover:

  • 5 things you have to do each day to stay sane

  • How to contribute to company processes to build a great culture for distributed teams

  • The dark side of remote working, what to watch out for

  • Why you need a communications charter

  • 10 things remote team managers/leaders must know

  • Tips, tactics, and tools to build out your skills as a remote worker if you have a desk job now