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Making Drupal Fast - A Surgical Approach

Backend & Dev-ops
Martin Anderson-Clutz
Audience Experience Level
Drupal Intermediate

There are lots of tools for helping you analyze the speed of your Drupal site, but how do you turn their results into actionable insights? In this session we’ll look at the results provided by, and walk through a framework for turning the provided data into a set of actions that put your effort where it will have the most impact.

Often when we see warnings about slow load times, we assume the application needs to run faster: optimize caching, increase server resources, and so on. But often such optimizations only improve a site in which the page load is only a small part of the problem. Putting your focus where it’s most needed will lead to a much faster site, and happier visitors.

The talk will cover a wide range of topics, and the approach will benefit developers with a wide range of experience, from beginner to experienced. They will learn how to turn raw performance data into actionable insights that will make their sites feel faster to visitors.