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Meta-talk: How to give your first conference presentation, and why you should!

Business / Government / Education
Matt Corks
Audience Experience Level

Drupal North encourages talks by people who are new to speaking, and those from under-represented communities. We can’t make software which serves the needs of our entire society without participation from as diverse a group as possible, and presenting at a conference is a great way both to contribute to the Drupal community and to show others that it includes people like you.

Speaking in front of a large group of people for the first time is hard for most people, but since it is a learned skill almost anyone who has the time can master how to do this, and the same is true for structuring technical content in a way that’s accessible and useful for your audience. As someone who’s been giving presentations on Drupal since 2009, I’m eager to share what I’ve figured out so far about how to do so, in order to encourage others to take their turn on stage.

Topics to be covered:

  • Why it’s important to include people from many different backgrounds in the Drupal community
  • How to become more comfortable with public speaking
  • How to give a great technical presentation

Bonus: bring a draft conference proposal or slide deck -- with your permission, and if time allows, I will do a live review and offer constructive feedback! I'm also willing to do this privately with you after this session.