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Submitting a session - Information for speakers

Drupal North is a once-a-year opportunity to learn, network and get inspired. Attendees come from throughout North America and possess a range of skills and backgrounds. We invite people from all backgrounds and areas of experience to submit session proposals to help us achieve our goals of creating an inclusive, informative and fun event.


Speaker Benefits

Speaking at Drupal North is considered a voluntary contribution to the Drupal project. To encourage you to present, we are able to offer the following:

  • Archived video of your presentation available on YouTube which can be used for promotion or in your speaker reel

  • Recognition and personal development within the community


Speakers should expect to pay for travel and lodging expenses incurred while travelling to and attending the conference.


Speaker Resources

We’re here to support you as a speaker along your journey - from session submission to selection, to speaking. We offer many helpful resources.

Quiet Spaces and Speaker Networking
We can offer you quiet spaces to review your presentation before your talk and networking opportunities with other speakers to gather any of their tips or suggestions.

Inclusion for Speakers
We are dedicated to increasing diversity of speakers at Drupal North to reflect the community that we serve more closely. During the session submission process, we ask an optional question where you can identify yourself with one or more underrepresented groups.

We are asking this question to understand our current diversity in speakers better as well as to make sure we identify areas of improvement for future events.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us gather data to support these efforts. This information will not affect your session selection status.


What You’ll Need to Submit

  • Bio

  • Photo

  • A description of your speaking experience

  • Connector type (HDMI preferred)

  • Link to slides (if you’ve got them online already)

  • Audience Experience Level (Everyone, Drupal Beginner, Drupal Intermediate, Drupal Advanced)




Please keep in mind accessibility issues when organizing your slides:

  • Plan to describe images you use if they contain content relevant to the presentation, for people who cannot see them.

  • New vocabulary/techy words are nice to have written on slides, especially for those in the audience who are not native English speakers.

  • Upload your slides to ahead of time, so that people can use screen readers with it or zoom in to see text on their local machines.

  • Keep in mind contrast ratios of text/background colours.

  • can be pointed at the raw HTML and do an evaluation.


Some Sage Advice

Finishing Up Your Slides

Find yourself with too much to say in just 45 minutes? Don’t want to overload your slides or your audience? You could publish a timely blog post with more details. You can reference the post in your talk and list it as a resource.

Practicing Your Talk

  • TL;DR—Practice your talk in a room by yourself, out loud, from start to finish without stopping. Record it. Listen to it later, and make corrections to your slides or notes while listening to the recording.

  • Watch Ze Frank on public speaking. "It’s super helpful, AND makes me smile every time!" -Cathy

  • There are some general webinars that were recorded in the past by the Drupal Association that are helpful to watch.

Get Feedback

  • It’s always a good idea to get feedback on talks. You can use a website such as to do talk feedback.


If you're running HDMI then your session will be recorded and uploaded to the Drupal North youtube channel. If you're not on HDMI we'll do our best to help you, but the recording equipment may not work.



Feel free to send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.